Save Our Family Doctors is a start-up campaign in North West London to oppose drastic new changes which are imposed top-down by the ICB in the ways people interact with GP services. These have been announced with two months notice without any consultation with patients or Surgeries.

We are supported by a collection of patient organisations – including Ealing Save Our NHS, Hammersmith & Fulham Save Our NHS, and Brent Patient Voice – along with a growing army of others.

We believe the NWL Integrated Care Board’s imposed changes just announced amount to a far-reaching attack on the very concept of General Practice and Family Doctors as we have known these for longer than there has even been an NHS.

The majority of patients in NW London will no longer enjoy relationship and continuity of care with their Doctor and Surgery team.

Save Our Family Doctors recognises that some patients are not currently receiving a good-enough service from their GP Surgeries, some of which are struggling to cope appropriately with rising demand and a shortage of GPs.

These difficulties for some with GP access are not reasons to dismember the whole model of GP Surgeries and Family Doctors across the board. They should instead should be a motivation for co-design and learning from the good practice of a large number of Surgeries. People want to be able to see their doctor!